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About agralada

Agralada is a agrichain supply company that serves to consolidate various players in the agriculture supply chain in one highly advanced and automated technology system in order to enhance interconnectivity among merchants. They include FARMERS, AGREGGATORS, TRANSPORTERS/LOGISTICS, AGRICULTURAL CONSULTANTS and FINANCERS

How agralada works

As mentioned earlier this is an organisation that combines various agricultural players in a consumer oriented agrichain using a mobile platform where these players can do their business transactions with each other on a trust based business model owing to the fact that our systems are highly secured to support money transactions and transfers of large amounts.

What our Platform offers

open ended market

By being a member of Agralada you get to explore your business ventures with thousands of customers/business partners who are ready to begin doing live transactions with you.

Loans and financing

It goes without saying, our loyal customers who do their business activities on our platform increase their credit score and stand a higher chance to receive loan services in the event their financing hits rock bottom.

Secure Money transfer protocols

Agralada has developed a highly secure money transfer system that allows business transactions to be performed on both small scale and large scale and withdrawal is allowed any time whenever the user pleases.

inventory management

Since some of our platform users will have to keep records of what they will be offering to their customers, they will have an avenue for monitoring a real time movement of their goods and orders and will be able to restock their inventory in the event it runs low.

Consultation services

We have deployed professionals on our platform who will be offering live consultation to our customers on issues and various topics which they may be needing professional assistance to go about their problems.

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