Reputable promoter of safe nutritious foods and climate resiliency in food-insecure communities.


To offer appropriate and commercially viable, technical and business development solutions to agricultural value chain actors that strengthen the weakest links with a focus on productivity of smallholders, youth and women in enhancing climate resiliency, food security and safety, reliable markets and access to finance.

Our Core Values

  • Customer Satisfaction

Customers are our reason for being. We will manage our customers through continuous consultation and feedback for constant improvement of service delivery.

  • Staff Improvement

Our staff is critical in realization of our vision. We commit to develop, manage and grow our staff for high standards of work ethics and to enhance efficiency.

  • Innovation

We shall own the future by being innovative and proactive in embracing technology to match the requirements of the future

  • Sustainable Environmental Practice

Our Environment is our base. We pledge to be sensitive to our environment by promoting its sustainable utilization.

  • Gender

We recognize gender equity as critical in agribusiness and commit to develop and support gender sensitive policies and practices.

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The preferred partner in agribased value chains enhancement and agribusiness mentorship for vibrant and climate resilient rural economies.