About the project


Afrifoods Limited, The County Government of Nakuru and Trademark East Africa are carrying this project; which is USAID funded. The project team has identified Carrot’s value chain as a value chain of concern for SPS intervention and identified KS1758 as the standard to implement in among carrot value chain operators. 

Kenya Standard 1758:2016 (KS 1758) is a code of practice for the horticulture industry in Kenya which stipulates the hygienic and safety requirements during the production, handling and marketing of flowers & amp; Ornamentals, fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. The standard is in two parts; Part 1-Floriculture and Part 2-Fruits and vegetables. The standard applies to all operators in the horticulture value chain including but not limited, to breeders, propagators, producers, consolidators, traders, shippers, and cargo handlers for local, regional and international markets. Trainers of Trainers (TOT) have been trained on VTPA and SPS Control Guides (KS1758) as part of the business culture. They have engaged and trained 8 trainers from different institutions supporting them to update business policies, procedures and practices in line with the SPS Control Guides as defined in the National/Regional Standards and particularly the KS1758.

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